Save Cash Direct Sends Email and Text Message Newsletters to Promote Its Services

Over the past few years, Save Cash Direct has been raking in the dough with all of its frequent flyer and auto club programs. But as we all know, a number of large national banks have been scaling back their direct service mail and credit card offer, so much so that this same company now sends out thousands of text messages and emails every day to promote products and services of its own company.

Save cash direct

Save cash direct

So, what is this company up to? And why do I get so many text messages and emails everyday from them? Well, there are several different reasons for it, but none are as blatantly obvious as how this company is marketing exclusive savings for you and me – something that is not available in any other major credit card program.

One thing to note is that you do not have to have a cell phone to receive promotional emails from Save Cash Direct. In fact, this type of text message or email can be sent to you from just about any other online platform, which means that if you have an e-mail address, you can also receive these exclusive savings messages. That’s right, you can literally access this company from anywhere in the world.

If you’re someone who feels that you can’t live without a cell phone, then your only option is to receive the text message directly on your cell phone. The way this works is that each time you go into the contact box for Save Cash Direct, you’ll be prompted to receive one of these exclusive savings offers via text message.


How to know when the text message is coming from Save Cash Direct?

How to know when the text message is coming from Save Cash Direct?

When you’re prompted to receive the savings offer, there will be a link on the screen that will redirect you to an additional screen that will tell you if the promotional message is from the company or an independent retailer.

What’s even better is that there is no need to worry about getting a busy signal or not being able to read the text message due to your cell phone being turned off. Anytime you receive this promotion, you’ll immediately be able to see the message right on your screen.

Yes, Save Cash Direct uses a marketing platform that allows you to send out many marketing messages from any computer, tablet, or mobile device. This is an option that can help you reach your specific audience, and the way it works is very simple:

To start receiving Save Cash Direct exclusive savings messages, you’ll simply enter your contact information on their site. Just enter your billing address, and your name and your cell phone provider.

Once you have entered your contact information, you’ll then be prompted to enter your mobile phone provider. Once that’s done, you’ll immediately receive an SMS message from Save Cash Direct.


After you receive that text message

text message

You’ll be able to immediately begin to open your savings account at any of the credit card companies that Save Cash Direct works with. How’s that for the simplicity of this type of advertising?

Can you guess who’s offering Save Cash Direct? You guessed it: A rep from the companies you just received your text message from.

I hope that by now you are aware of the fact that if you want to know if an SMS or email from Save Cash Direct is authentic, all you have to do is check the text message that is sent to you. And if it isn’t authentic, there is no reason for you to believe that it is, so that you can quickly and easily start saving money with any credit card.