Real Estate Loans: Rates Will Stay Low Until The End Of 2013

Will rates continue to fall? The issue has been at the center of the debate since the ECB did not announce the long-awaited drop in its key rate. While no expert dares to comment on the rate forecasts, HCI Bank announces that rates should remain low until the end of the year. As early as March 2013, HCI Bank predicted a rate stabilization see a decline while all his peers announced a rise! Analysis that proved fair since the rates recorded a decrease of the order of 0.10 point in April.

HCI Bank announces

HCI Bank announces

The real estate loan rates will not increase in 2013 One of the main reasons, the interest rate of financial markets (OAT 10 years), used as a benchmark for fixed rates of real estate loans decreased and rose to 1.73% as of April 8, 2013 (compared to 2.04% as at 02/04/2013). The EC Bank (ECB) kept its key rate at its all-time low of 0.75%. Even if, for now, the ECB has not announced a further decline, it should theoretically decide to lower its key interest rate to an unprecedented 0.50% before the end of the year because there is no risk of inflation in Europe in the medium term. In addition, banks that have largely rebuilt their margins in recent months and have significant liquidity to finance projects of their customers, should take the opportunity to lower their interest rates to capture a new clientele.

Today, future buyers who have a personal contribution and a stable situation can get a loan around 3.10% over 20 years. For the moment, an increase in mortgage rates is not envisaged if the OAT continues to stabilize, and does not increase dramatically over the next few weeks. In this context, there is no reason to expect a rate hike in the coming months, subject to external events in France and Europe.

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HCI Bank continues his fight for a higher quality service by offering file fees to his clients *. HCI Bank relies on the internet and dynamic sales teams to market real estate loans at the best market conditions efficiently, transparently and free of charge. “Our business model aims to minimize costs in order to offer a fee of 0 euro *, while ensuring a high quality service. “

One piece of advice, do not wait any longer to buy or redeem your home loan. If you run out of time, prefer a “no cost” broker to the banker. Soliciting it will enable you to obtain negotiated rates (0.25% to 0.50% lower than a standard bank rate) and save up to 60% on the cost of borrower insurance through a delegation. less expensive insurance and with guarantees equal to those of the banks.

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