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Online personal loans are the easiest and most convenient way to request money. With Credit Labinia, you can also do it online, from the sofa in your house!

The request for a personal loan works in the same way as with the quick money. If you wish to request it, go to the section Solocredite! From our website After completing a few simple questions, you can choose the loan you want, being able to see clearly and transparently the interest rate and the timeframe for its return. In this way, you guarantee to be able to choose when to return it and the requested interest. The sooner you return it, the lower the interest rate will be. That must be clear.

Credit Labinia and personal loans online.

Victoria credit and personal loans online.

In addition, with Credit Labinia, all are advantages! You can request from the first moment up to 600 euros, to return in a comfortable period for you. We trust in long-term relationships, so our personal loan adapts to your conditions. If after having requested money with us you are happy and decide to do it a couple of times, we will reward you. Yes, you read it right. We can get to lend up to 3,000 euros!

At Credit Labinia we reward the trust of our customers. We are not interested in a momentary relationship, but in the long term. A relationship of mutual trust and commitment. For this reason, we commit ourselves to the agreement. In addition, we only need you to be between 21 and 80 years old, a national identity document or residence permit in Spanish territory, a contact phone in the same place, an email and a bank account in our country. As simple as that! Without more complications.

Another similarity that personal online loans have with fast personal loans is that no guarantee is usually necessary. We do not need your payroll, nor an endorsement or a mortgage. Simply by answering a series of questions, in the most realistic way possible, we will evaluate your particular case and let you know the money you can enjoy.

What are the advantages?

What are the advantages?

For those who have heard about personal loans online , they should know that it is the same as an unsecured loan. The reason why it is now called personal loans online , is to make the name more clear and to make it easier for banks and credit companies to advertise on the request of this money quickly. An unsecured loan is, therefore, a loan that can be requested without having an endorsement or a mortgage for it.

Many are the advantages of online personal loans without collateral compared to those that do. For starters, secured loans force you to have a mortgage or an individual. To this day, we all know how difficult it is to achieve this. Nobody is willing to lose their home for anyone and few are those who risk going to endorse anyone. Also, if you put your mortgage as collateral, it could mean losing your home. For this reason, in Credit Labinia, we do not need you to go through this unforeseen event. We trust in you, in your transactions and in your commitment to the return of money. Therefore, we only grant unsecured loans. For being the simplest and easiest way to lend and return the money.

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