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Is it Worth Using A Cash Loan For A Regular Customer?

In principle, each bank offers cash loans for individual or corporate clients. Preferential cash loans can be made available by the bank to clients who have a very good history at the Credit Information Bureau and high creditworthiness. In addition, a special offer for cash loans can be prepared by the bank for regular customers with whom it has been cooperating for a long time. Is it worth using a cash loan for a regular customer in any case?

Better terms of cash loan

Better terms of cash loan

When planning to take out a cash loan, first of all, we should send our steps to your bank, where we have an open personal account, or savings account, or we used a credit card offer in it. Perhaps earlier cooperation with a given bank will help in negotiating the best terms of cash loans.

However, it is not said that our bank will definitely offer us better cash loan conditions than the competition. Therefore, it would be unwise to make a loan hastily at your bank, without comparison with the offer that another competitive bank can prepare for us.

Let’s compare credit offers


We do not have to compare the offer of cash loans available on the market ourselves, losing time to visit individual bank branches. To get a comparison of loan offers, you can use the financial applications available on the Internet, which will show you which current offers of cash loans on the financial market are the best. You can also go to a credit advisor and get the same information. The client will have to ask for his own bank with a request for an individualized offer. With all the offers of cash loans, of the desired amount and the assumed credit period, you can make a rational decision about choosing a single loan product and finally taking out a loan. It is possible that another, new bank will be able to give us a loan on more favorable terms than the current bank.

Personal Payday Loan expires: So It Goes On


The integration of subsidies into the construction financing is popular, especially Personal Payday loans are well received by builders and buyers. But after a few years, the development loans run out and often there is still a residual debt that has to be financed again. We would like to present the individual possibilities today.


The purpose of Personal Payday Loans

The purpose of Personal Payday Loans

But first, a few words on the actual integration of Personal Payday loans into home loan financing. Personal Payday Bank offers various promotional loans, which in turn serve as an incentive. Depending on the loan program, they should motivate, for example, the acquisition of home ownership or the construction of particularly energetic homes. To this end, borrowers benefit from subsidized interest rates that promise a financial advantage.

The individual Personal Payday loans are linked to fixed interest rates. This means that the respective subsidy rate is fixed for a certain period of time. At the end of the fixed interest period, the loan expires and usually a residual debt remains. Borrowers must then decide how to proceed with this financial liability.

Variant 1: Replacement with own funds


The best solution is to replace the remaining debt with equity. In other words, the loan is repaid so that there are no further financing costs (eg interest). But only very few homeowners can in the meantime make such high savings, make an inheritance or win the lottery. Thus, this variant is rarely in question.


Option 2: Extension of the loan with Personal Payday

Option 2: Extension of the loan with Personal Payday

If you want to continue your financing, you can stay with Personal Payday Bank (also called prolongation). Follow-up financing is offered for most promotional loans. Interest rate and fixed interest rates are newly agreed, then it continues to the new conditions.

This variant may sound very reasonable at first. However, there is a catch. In the case of follow-up financing via Personal Payday Bank, there are no longer any promotional terms. Instead, market conditions are set, which are usually higher than the interest rates of cheaper banks. Thus, there is a risk of unnecessarily high costs with a rollover.


Variant 3: follow-up financing at another bank


Only in very rare cases is the home completely financed through Personal Payday loans. Almost always there is another real estate loan that comes from another bank. As a rule, it is easily possible to accommodate the remaining amount of the Personal Payday loan with this bank or to obtain a supplementary follow-up financing there.

Ideally, all loans expire at the same time. Then it would even be possible to make a rescheduling and summarize the sum of the individual remaining debt amounts in a loan and possibly to change to another bank. Such a step can make sense if attract better conditions there.


Unfavorable fixed interest rate elected? Here is our practical tip!

Variant 1: Replacement with own funds

Not all real estate loans are always subject to the same fixed interest rate. Especially with Personal Payday loans, shorter terms are not uncommon. In such cases, the above-mentioned solution is recommended, ie the remaining debt is placed with the existing bank. However, it must be ensured that the fixed interest rates are congruent, ie agree with each other and end at the same time. The advantage of such a solution is to later summarize the total remaining debt amounts and, if necessary, to be able to change the bank.

Example: Assuming that the main loan has a fixed term of 15 years, the Personal Payday loan expired after only 10 years. Then it makes sense to finance the remaining amount of the Personal Payday loan over 5 years.


No reason for uncertainty – we advise you comprehensively!

Granted, the whole topic can seem complex and confusing. It is therefore all the more important to seek advice from a competent financing expert. Our specialists offer independent and therefore neutral advice. Your Personal Payday loan expires and you want to know more about your concrete possibilities? We are happy to help!

Personal Loans Online Fast

Online personal loans are the easiest and most convenient way to request money. With Credit Labinia, you can also do it online, from the sofa in your house!

The request for a personal loan works in the same way as with the quick money. If you wish to request it, go to the section Solocredite! From our website After completing a few simple questions, you can choose the loan you want, being able to see clearly and transparently the interest rate and the timeframe for its return. In this way, you guarantee to be able to choose when to return it and the requested interest. The sooner you return it, the lower the interest rate will be. That must be clear.

Credit Labinia and personal loans online.

Victoria credit and personal loans online.

In addition, with Credit Labinia, all are advantages! You can request from the first moment up to 600 euros, to return in a comfortable period for you. We trust in long-term relationships, so our personal loan adapts to your conditions. If after having requested money with us you are happy and decide to do it a couple of times, we will reward you. Yes, you read it right. We can get to lend up to 3,000 euros!

At Credit Labinia we reward the trust of our customers. We are not interested in a momentary relationship, but in the long term. A relationship of mutual trust and commitment. For this reason, we commit ourselves to the agreement. In addition, we only need you to be between 21 and 80 years old, a national identity document or residence permit in Spanish territory, a contact phone in the same place, an email and a bank account in our country. As simple as that! Without more complications.

Another similarity that personal online loans have with fast personal loans is that no guarantee is usually necessary. We do not need your payroll, nor an endorsement or a mortgage. Simply by answering a series of questions, in the most realistic way possible, we will evaluate your particular case and let you know the money you can enjoy.

What are the advantages?

What are the advantages?

For those who have heard about personal loans online , they should know that it is the same as an unsecured loan. The reason why it is now called personal loans online , is to make the name more clear and to make it easier for banks and credit companies to advertise on the request of this money quickly. An unsecured loan is, therefore, a loan that can be requested without having an endorsement or a mortgage for it.

Many are the advantages of online personal loans without collateral compared to those that do. For starters, secured loans force you to have a mortgage or an individual. To this day, we all know how difficult it is to achieve this. Nobody is willing to lose their home for anyone and few are those who risk going to endorse anyone. Also, if you put your mortgage as collateral, it could mean losing your home. For this reason, in Credit Labinia, we do not need you to go through this unforeseen event. We trust in you, in your transactions and in your commitment to the return of money. Therefore, we only grant unsecured loans. For being the simplest and easiest way to lend and return the money.

Convert revolving credit to Payday loan?

Low interest and favorable conditions

Low interest and favorable conditions

Converting a loan pays off if you have a loan with a high interest rate. Or if the conditions are not favorable. Maybe you want a different loan form or a longer or shorter term. But also a change in your personal situation or income can be a reason to convert your current loan to a new one.

Converting your current loan to a new one at Creditomor means low interest rates and favorable conditions. The interest rate is now historically low and the conditions have become more favorable: in the past you could only repay without penalty with a Continuous Credit, but nowadays you can also do so free of charge with a payday loan.

You can convert your revolving credit or payday loan to a new loan at any time and free of charge; even if your current loan is with another lender. With us you borrow money online at a low interest rate and favorable conditions.

Help with reshaping

Help with reshaping

Via our free transfer service you can convert your loan at no extra cost. You can also combine several small loans into one large loan. In both cases you save thanks to the lower interest rate and you get better associated conditions.

Convert and transfer payday loan

Convert and transfer personal loan

Converting your payday loan to a new payday loan can result in savings and therefore lower monthly payments. This is because you are offered a lower interest rate and therefore have to pay less each month. You can also choose to set a different duration. Nowadays you no longer have to pay a fine for extra interim repayments on your loan. You can transfer a payday loan at any time.

Do you prefer a variable interest rate instead of a fixed one? Then convert your payday loan to a Standing Credit. With this loan form you have more say over your loan. You do not have to withdraw the entire loan amount in one go and then pay it off. Instead, you can record exactly the amount that you need at that time each time and you decide when you want to do so. Have you repaid an amount withdrawn but do you need it again? You can take it up again with the maximum credit limit of your loan.

Ongoing Converting and transferring credit

Ongoing Converting and transferring credit

A revolving credit can always be converted to a new revolving credit. It pays to take out the loan if you can get a lower interest rate. Or if the conditions are more favorable.

Because interest rates are now very low, this can also be a good time to fix interest rates instead of holding a variable-rate loan. Convert the Revolving Credit to a payday loan and immediately start taking advantage of the low interest rates and low fixed monthly charges. With this loan form you can also repay extra free of charge in the meantime.

Merge multiple loans

Merge multiple loans

The interest that you pay for a low loan amount is higher than the interest for a high loan amount. Do you have several small loans? Combine them into one large loan: you get a lower interest rate and you have a much better overview.

Transhipment service

Transhipment service

Use our calculation tool to see how much you will save if you convert your loan into a loan with Creditomor. Would you like to receive a quotation for transferring your loan immediately? Request it here. Our credit advisors are happy to advise you if you have any questions. They ensure that you take out the most suitable loan.

Cash Loan: In An Outlet Or Via The Internet?

As part of a cash loan, which is a banking product, you can finance any customer’s credit goals. It does not matter if the money obtained from the bank will be used for holidays, for current consumption or even for the repayment of the existing debt. The customer does not even have to disclose in the loan application for what purpose he takes out a cash loan.
This obligation is repaid in decreasing or equal installments – to be chosen by the client. They can only be incurred if the client applies for a loan with the required attachments and fulfills other credit conditions. It must have adequate creditworthiness, i.e. the ability to repay the liability with interest, on the date specified in the loan agreement.

In addition, before granting a cash loan, the bank will check whether the client has a good credit history. The source of information is the Credit Information Bureau, which collects all information about borrowers in Poland. These are both positive and negative information. Bad entries in BIK indicate delays in repayment of the required installments of loans and credits. They make banks refuse clients a further commitment.


How to take out a cash loan?

How to take out a cash loan?

The basis for taking a cash loan is an application on the bank form. It should indicate among others: • the amount of the desired loan amount:
• loan period;
• personal data of the borrower, including name, surname, PESEL number, ID card number, expiry date of the proof;
• address;
• correspondence address;
• income data – monthly income and source of income.
Most often, banks require attaching a statement on the amount of income or statement from the last 3 months from the history of a personal account to the application. On this basis, they calculate the creditworthiness of the client.


Borrowing from banks – in branch and online

Borrowing from banks - in branch and online

Increasingly, banks in Poland offer the possibility of taking out a cash loan not only in a branch or a fixed location, but also via the Internet. The borrower does not have to bother with the bank to apply for a loan. You can fill out an electronic form and send it by e-mail. In some banks you can already apply for a loan using a mobile application or directly in electronic banking. Is it worth using such opportunities?

Applying for a cash loan at a bank branch allows you to settle all formalities in one place, but you must have time to make such a visit. However, we have the chance to use the advice of a bank adviser. Let us not delude ourselves, however, with the hope that during one visit we will definitely get a loan. The financial institution must have time to examine the client’s credit application, examine its credit history and calculate its creditworthiness.


Then you have to sign a loan agreement

loan agreement

Which requires another visit to the bank. Against the background of such banking procedures, applying for a loan over the internet seems a better alternative. An application for a cash loan can be submitted to many banks in Poland, but it is not said that the client will miss a visit to a bank branch. Some lenders only allow you to submit a loan application online, and you have to go to the bank and personally complete the formalities to sign a loan agreement. Sometimes the credit agreement is delivered to the address indicated by the customer by a bank courier – you can read it and sign it, and the courier will deliver it back to the bank.

Only in a few cases will we take out a cash loan entirely via the Internet, mainly at banks where we have a personal account, and analysts may examine our creditworthiness using the account history.